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Looking at starting a new blog? Wondering how to get anyone to take notice?
Keep reading and I’ll teach you some of the great ways to make your blog stick out.

1. Research, research, research.
I know, it’s the most boring part of any job but it is a necessary evil to make your work seen. You need to make sure you know your keywords. The way that any search engine works is that it will look through your content and grab onto any words that are commonly searched for, for instance, if you’re looking for a news story, you’re not just going to type news into google, you’re going to search for the news you’re interested in.

If you’re a gamer you might search for ‘gaming news’ or ‘spider-man reviews’ or if you’re looking for a new phone you might search ‘iPhone X review’ or ‘compare iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S9’.
The key is to get in the mind of the searcher, what would you type into a search engine if you were looking for the content that you’re making?

Then all you need to do is just add those phrases into your content and any search engine will recognize it.
Also using tools such as Google Adwords Keyword Tool is very helpful when finding relevant keywords.
Keep in mind that just because you can add keywords, it doesn’t mean you should just fill every second line with keywords, most search engines can detect an overpopulation of keywords and will rank you lower, it still has to make sense.

2. If you’re serious, you need your own space
If you’re just starting out it can be very difficult to make any sort of money and any sort of free blog site will be extremely tempting, but if you’re wanting to be able to build a strong SEO for your blog that people will find, you need to get your own domain.

There are plenty of domain and hosting companies out there that will be able to offer you a good price, find one that works for you and set yourself up.
Also be sure to add your site to the ‘Google Search Console’ so Google has easy access to your content.

3. Collaborate and cross-promote
Find someone else that does something you admire or has something that you don’t provide on your blog but you know your viewers would enjoy and get in contact with them.

Work together to strengthen both of your SEO’s, if your site is linked from somewhere else you’re going to get more traffic and likewise, the person who you partner with will also get more traffic generated from your site, it’s a win win!

4. Make sure your site is mobile friendly
I don’t know about you, but I personally do a lot of my internet browsing and searching on my phone, it’s so convenient and accessible, why wouldn’t you? With this in mind, make sure that your site is tested and easy to use for a mobile device. If you went to a site on your phone and there was just text skewed across the page, images that take 5 minutes to load or a horrible zoom that meant you couldn’t see anything, you’d leave, simple as that. So make sure it looks simple and nice.

5. Blog submission
There are a number of good blog submission sites out there that allow you to submit what you have for some exposure, while some of these are paid services, there are also a number of free sites.

Simply find a few that fit your content and submit away. These won’t mean that you’ll suddenly be the first on every search engine, but they should help to generate a bit of extra traffic, which in turn will generate more.

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Keeping all this in mind, be sure to obey the golden rules of being a human.

  1. Don’t spam, regardless of how good your content is, no one likes spam
  2. Interact with other people (nicely!) otherwise you’ll end up at rule one again

Make sure you call people to action, you’d be surprised at how many people have to be told to subscribe/share/follow before they will, a lot of people may like your content but don’t understand the impact of them being active in showing support.

Finally, make the call to action easy, simple and obvious, if you have to click past more than one link most people will get confused or give up.

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