Developing Computer Skills

Developing Computer Skills

Computer saksharta mission is running in the country from quite a few time now under the control of government of India. To get the franchise for computer saksharta mission, one has to pass through all the quality management system standards. The institute must be certified by the international standard organisation ISO 9001:2008. It should also be trademarked under trade mark act 1999 government of India. Computer institute should offer training related to software hardware and networking, account, management, IT and ITES, skill development and different other sectors.

What is Franchise?

Franchise is the right to use a company’s business model and brand for a prescribed duration of time. It is a kind of licence that someone acquires to allow them to have the access to a business model, its brand name, trademark, etc. In return the franchisee usually pays the franchisor some initial start-up or licencing amount.

Benefits and demerits of having a Computer institute franchise

There are many advantages and disadvantages of having a franchise. One of the major advantage is that the franchise owner gets a ready to use business model and products. The operations to be performed are pre decided by the franchisor which are usually tried and tested and successful business operations. The franchise comes with a ready to use business formula including its services, products, employees, their uniforms and a well-recognised brand name such as Peter England, Woodland, KFC, McDonald’s etc. Similarly having a franchise for computer institute makes it very easy for the franchise owner to manage it and perform its operations according to the prescribed memorandum. The Franchisor will provide all the course details, equipment, computers, some well-trained employees, etc. They will also monitor your performance based on the number of students you have trained and their respective performance in the courses they have taken. On the other hand some of the disadvantages of having a computer institute franchise is that if you are not able to bring more and more students to join your institute then you will eventually start facing loss in your business because a franchise owner has to earn the amount they have invested to get the franchise. Also the initial start-up cost is heavy as well as ongoing royalty costs.

Grab the deal

The present scenario of the Indian market is as such that everyone is willing to learn computer skills and have a better knowledge of this box. They have come to know the importance of computers in daily life and thus more and more people are trying to learn how to use it. Thus, getting a franchise for computer institute is not a bad idea. Moreover government is providing franchise for computer saksharta mission whose aim to educate more and more people about computers. Its courses are quite cheap and easily affordable by the common masses and the franchise owner can make a great deal of profit from it. Thus it can be said that in a country like India where government is providing such a great franchise then it is nothing less than a deal which should be grabbed as soon as possible.

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