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Benefits of Blog Posting and Blog Commenting

Blogging is getting more and more popular and there are people out there who have earned millions from it. However, every start is hard. Maybe you have seen their popularity and now you want to be part of the fun too. Nevertheless, how do you get out there? How do you build connections with people, express your ideas clearly and get a vast audience?

One of the ways to do all this is by posting and commenting on blogs. The blog commenting benefits are plenty. Commenting on blogs gives you an opportunity to get people to find out about you. It is always possible that someone is reading the comments so you would want to create a connection with them. Using your own name is better instead of your company’s name. That way, people feel that you are more genuine and sincere.

Also, do not spam. Stick to the topic most of the time, but be constructive and proactive. Offer a unique perspective, give an advice and be helpful. This will help you in the end. Try to form and nurture relationships with the other commenters and the blog owners. You never know what kind of opportunity may arise in the future; maybe some of them will feature your website or product on their blogs.

When you make a comment, most often the blogs will permit you to have a link in your post. This can be used so that the post can link to your website. An incredible opportunity that will increase your exposure and bring in more people. And just one of the many blog commenting benefits.
However, what about having your own blog? That is even better. The internet is so big and distributed, that no one can forbid you to post anything that you would like to post. There are many advantages to this.

The first one being, psychological satisfaction. After a hard day, you want to reflect on everything that happened. Writing a blog comment is a good way to summarize your thoughts and get your perspective clear. The bonus is that other people might read it and give you their unique view of your situation, and offer you some helpful suggestion. This can be very good for your psychological well-being, making you feel less lonely and less isolated.

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Brainstorming and getting new exciting ideas and information is also one of the great blog posting benefits. Whether you are a fan of technology, history, fashion, art or anything else, you can blog about it. Many people out there also have some wild ideas. Talking with them will do wonders for your creativity. What would have happened if the dinosaurs did not go extinct? Did Shakespeare really write all those plays? Is Bigfoot real? So many ideas!

Product placement. You can offer your products, both on your blogs and in your comments. Nevertheless, do not be too pushy because the other people will be turned off. This is also connected to another important thing, and that is money. You can earn money from your blogs. There are a few ways that you can achieve this. One is through affiliate marketing. You can market other people’s products, write about your experience with them, and show them to your audience. In addition, you can place ads on your blogs. Google AdSense is the best ads network, but there are many others too.

Finding real life friends can also be a worthy effort. During your blogging, you might talk to people that you would have never met on the street. This will give you a very rare opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and then you can even go to a bar with them.

Dating should not be left out. There are so many ways that you can meet people, but what about a good conversation? Finding out what another human’s personality is like is a very satisfying activity and using blogging platforms is one of the best ways to do it. Utilize the blog posting benefits to the max.

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