Use of Smart Devices for Public Security

Making Future Safer and Better

Security for the city has always been an area of interest and talk for many of the security department and government agencies. To make any city a better place to live for people is not an easy task but yet a lot of progress and work has been done in this area. Many of the developed cities of the world are already smart enough to manage all the traffic by self-monitored systems and the entire cities are under the surveillance of the CCTV cameras. Thus, surveillance solutions for cities of the future is an important work for the government of India also. Many government organisations and private companies are doing a great work in this field.

Some of the ways to make city smart:

Use of Smart Devices for Public Security: For any city it is the most important thing to keep its citizens safe from the upcoming threats of any kind. This public security is a growing issue for many cities all over the globe and steps are being taken now to overcome this problem. For this, police and other public safety organisations are now equipped with high end technology and devices to fight various level of crimes happening in the cities. As a result of which many cities have reduced the percentage of crime happening over there. This has made such cities much safer to live and has resulted in upgradation of the standard of living of the people.

Traffic Surveillance: Traffic system is continuously being improved and new technology is being introduced into it. HD CCTV cameras with sensors measure the amount of traffic in a lane and according changes the colour of the traffic lights. Now if any crossing is witnessing heavy traffic then the traffic lights automatically turns to green and let that crossing clear first before letting any other side of the crossing to clear first. This has helped the traffic management quite a lot because the traffic systems manages itself and reduces the wastage time of the public.

City Surveillance: Surveillance solutions for cities of the future also include a part where the entire city is under the surveillance of smart CCTV cameras and motion and threat detection mechanisms. Any criminal activity if happening in the city on any street or office is being recorded and can be used later to find the criminals or the cause of the crime. In fact these CCTV cameras broadcast live video footage to the police headquarters, from where 24×7 monitoring is done of the city. If any expected criminal activity or threat is seen it is immediately reported to the nearest police station and corresponding actions are taken. These has helped quite a lot in overcoming the crime in the city.

Many other surveillance security solutions are there which contribute in making smart cities. Almost all city buildings and also individual homes should be under the CCTV surveillance to monitor various activities. Biometrics should be installed in all administrative buildings to take attendance and also to prevent unauthorised access.

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