importance of conference call

Importance and Benefits of Conference Call

Conference call refers to a telephone call which is made to many people at the same time. In the current business environment, conference calls are a crucial tool for communication. Conference call benefits include cost-effectiveness and timeliness. The modern business person will benefit a lot from conference calls as they provide the opportunity to communicate with clients as well as with business partners with ease and economically. The following are the main advantages which business will gain from conference calls and video call for business


  1. Cost-effectiveness: conference calls are a cheaper alternative to communication compared to setting up a meeting for a one-on-one conversation. The conference calls ensures that the message is passed to each person without being costly.
  2. Moreover, conference call providers have a flat rate charge for a specific period, say monthly. This implies that the business can enjoy unlimited calls without incurring any premium charges. Therefore, conference calls lift the need for corporate traveling which usually is an expensive thing to do. To enjoy the convenience of conference calls, it will be necessary to let go of the need of being in the same room with people as well as holding one-on-one meetings. The benefits will, however, be reduced costs to the business which translates to increased profits.

  3. Simplicity and customization: conference calls offer convenience to businesses through their simplicity. The conference calls can be set up very fast and have a simple procedure to follow through. Fellow team members can also join in quickly. The simplicity of conference calls implies that the business will benefit from the simple to use procedures. In a short period, you can connect to the entire team of employees and communicate new developments. Conference calls are also custom branded to suit the specific needs of the business. They can be equipped with features such as custom greetings, branded online interfaces, color schemes, and logos. This is a great way to impress clients and also promote the business.

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  4. Security: different conference call and video call for business providers offer different levels of security. If you are going to deal in a sensitive business, it is essential to consider a secured conference call. Conference calls can, however, provide for security needs. They require a personal security code to access them. The code has to be specified by the participants in the conference call. The code can be shared through confidential platforms such as work-related emails. They also provide a feature to block all the other lines once the meeting is set up.
  5. Environment-conscious: the increasing awareness to conserve the environment through reduced pollution places a responsibility on businesses to observe their impacts on the environment. Majority of the pollution is caused by fossil fuels which are used in motor vehicles, aircraft, and trains. It is evident that conference calls, as well as video calls for businesses, remove the need to travel around. As a result, conference calls provide an eco-friendly alternative to communication with.
  6. Increased mobility: conference calls and video calls for business applies technology which is focused on user experience. Users can access conference calls from different internet interfaces. This implies that conference calls can be set up and operated from anywhere as long as there is an internet connection. This feature brings convenience to business. It becomes easy to reschedule meetings or even set up an impromptu meeting if an unforeseen event has occurred. The reliability of conference calls and video calls mitigates the challenges caused by traffic jams and other travel challenges which greatly inconvenience businesses leading to business unproductivity.

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